Immigration Reform – Information and Action

Thanks to Donuisa Lipinski, we had an very interesting and informative presentation on Immigration Reform at our March meeting.

Donna has provided a link to the American Immigration Lawyers Association . The website has information about the issues and links for resources and to other organizations working for immigration reform.

Donna has also passed along the following from Reform Immigration FOR America:

“Our Senators leading the work on immigration reform in the Gang of Eight have been debating for weeks — but have yet to put forward a bill. Every day that they delay, more families are torn apart and more chances at the American dream are denied.

Our communities cannot wait any longer!  So this week, immigrant rights activists across the country are making calls, sending messages, visiting their legislators’ offices and taking action to urge our leaders to support immigration reform for 11 million undocumented Americans.

Send your message to the Gang of Eight and other Senate leaders and tell them that the time is NOW for real reform that keeps families together and creates a roadmap to citizenship!

Send a message for families like Jennifer’s.  Jennifer lost her husband, father of their four young children, when he was deported without any criminal record. She now has to balance working two jobs and raising her children alone. Instead of asking for toys, Jennifer’s kids ask if they can have their dad back.

 If we can deliver a flood of messages to Senate leadership now, we can fix our broken system and save millions of other immigrant families from separation.  

Together, the power of our community is undeniable. Take part in this national week of action and send your message now.


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