SSC May Meeting

May 13, 2012

We will meet at Dondoric Farm, home of longtime SSC member, Bob Swick.  For directions, click here.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve decided this month is “Bring your mother to the SSC!”  We promise you will be both well fed and intellectually stimulated.

We will welcome Daria Nashat, who  will be speaking on  her experiences working in the former Yugoslavia on refugee issues and post-conflict development at the local level.

Daria Nashat worked with the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe on
Regional Refugee Return and Migration issues in Brussels, Belgium from 2001 to
2004. Prior to that, she was a Research Fellow at NATO (1999-2000). She
continued her career as Program Coordinator at the Heinrich Böll Foundation
North America (2005), Fellow at the Congressional Human Rights Caucus in the
office of Representative Tom Lantos (2005-2006) and Senior Program Officer for the
Balkans at IKV Pax Christi in the Netherlands (2008-2010). She has a Masters
degree in Political Sciences from Tuebingen University, Germany. Since 2010,
she has been working as an independent consultant and researcher.

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SSC March Meeting

March 11, 2012
Note:  This meeting will be at the Marshall Community Center
Our March speaker will be Carol Noggle, President of the Prince William Area chapter of the League of Women Voters, who will speak on voting rights issues.
The League of Women Voters of Virginia promotes informed and active participation in government and actively contributes to voter education. The League is strictly nonpartisan so it neither supports nor opposes political parties or candidates for public office.
The League also advocates on selected government issues based on positions reached after careful, extensive research and study and member agreement.  The Virginia League has positions on a range of issues including election laws, transportation, protection and improvement of the environment, education, health and justice. Periodically we have programs for the community on one or more of these issues.
The Prince William Area unit is especially active in voter registration, having registered nearly 2,000 high school seniors each year, and publishing guides for voters. Before each fall election they prepare a comprehensive guide on the candidates for publication in the local newspaper and online.
This is Carol’s first year serving as President of the Prince William Area unit while also having a position on the State League Board that gives her the opportunity to be present every day during the current session of the General Assembly in Richmond.
For more information about the League of Women Voters click here
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SSC February Meeting

February 12, 2012

Note:  We will return to the Marshall Community Center for this meeting.

Nancy Goetzinger and Tom Ramsey will present

Life on the Edge:  America’s Atlantic Coast

 This 50-minute multi-media presentation utilizes video, stills, and graphics to demonstrate the beauty of coastal habitats and the diversity of the resulting life forms there, all within the context of the geologic and hydrologic formation of the East Coast shoreline from Georgia to Newfoundland.   

Throughout there are beautiful images of landscapes; nesting and migrating birds along the entire coast; blue crabs, mating horseshoe crabs, and other marine life; and an exquisite close-up video sequence of monarch butterflies on goldenrod bushes in full bloom, captured along the Delaware coast during the fall migration period.

The program traces coastline origins in the tectonic formation and subsequent erosion of the Appalachian Mountains, in the advance and retreat of glaciers, and in the ongoing effects of wind and water on sand. Two distinctly different regions are presented: the dynamic barrier islands of the south, with their resulting sand beaches, salt marshes, and tidal flats; and the dramatic northern coast where steep cliffs, deep shoreline water, cold currents, and undersea banks combine to create a rich food supply that makes it possible for millions of nesting pelagic birds and large sea mammals to thrive there. 

 “Life on the Edge  – America’s Atlantic Coast” was developed as part of an ongoing Coastal Evolution Series.  An earlier production, called “Life on the Ring of Fire,” compares and contrasts West Coast and East Coast shorelines by looking more closely at the continuing influence of plate movements, planetary rotation, and ocean currents on local habitats and life forms from the Baja Peninsula to the Aleutian Islands.  Future programs in the series will feature the Florida Peninsula, the Gulf Coast, and the Arctic.

 Both Tom and Nancy are photographers, writers, and directors. Collectively, they have won more than 35 national and international production awards including the Gold Hugo and CINE Golden Eagle.  Tom is currently a photography course instructor at ArtSquare in Leesburg, Virginia.

For more infomation about Nancy and Tom and their work click here

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