About Us

Maybe you consider yourself an Independent or a Democrat or a Green. Maybe you have even considered yourself a Republican but feel let down by your party’s abandonment of the ideals of personal freedom, social responsiblity, and fiscal temperance! Recovering Republicans, moderates maligned by rightwing ideologies, Democrats, and independents are all welcome to this page and to our meetings. It is going to take ALL of us working together to bring our country back from the brink!

Our group began in late summer of 2004 when a small group of Fauquier County citizens began to staff a table at the Giant supermarket in Warrenton, VA to register voters and to pass out Kerry/Edwards campaign literature in order to try to change the direction our country was headed. These citizens included Democrats, Independents and Republicans plus many who had not previously been at all political. We began with two volunteers and grew to at least sixty times that number. We distributed thousands of bumper stickers, buttons and yard signs in Warrenton and at the Remington fair. Our activities included a rally two weeks before the election which was attended by 200 very enthusiastic citizens who wanted to see a change in the direction our country was headed.

After the election our loosely organized group of citizens decided to continue to work together to educate ourselves and our neighbors regarding local and national issues and regarding actions we might individually or jointly take to foster improvements in our world.

We met on three Sunday evenings in November and December for pot luck suppers and decided to meet monthly in the new year. We meet on the second Sunday of the month at the address posted on the home page. Currently we ask folks to bring a dish to share in a pot luck supper if they can. We greet each other and chat for about 30 minutes and then we get down to business.

All who are determined to see our county, state, and nation more concerned about people than corporations, more interested in working together than in conflict, more interested in reading the truth in media than in reading propaganda should stop by for one of our meetings or sign up on this web page. Together we can make a difference!

Contact our Communications Coordinator with any questions: Andrea Martens, almartens@gmail.com, or 540-439-6130.
Or if you have web-related issues, contact our Webmaster at lchinnis@verizon.net.

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