SSC March Meeting

March 10, 2013

We will meet at the home of Jim and Lynn Chinnis, 29 Brookshire Drive, Warrenton

Our speaker this month will be Donusia Lipinski- immigration lawyer and founder of Blue Ridge Immigration in Warrenton, VA

Donusia has graciously sent us an outline of what she hopes to cover in her presentation.

Immigration: Our Country at a Crossroads: Has the time for comprehensive Reform really arrived?

Overview of some basic terminology and a very brief discussion of what options foreign nationals have to enter the U.S. legally and what happens if they stay too long, work without permission; or enter without a proper visa; who is being deported and why

Brief discussion of why we have an undocumented population in the U.S.
o Why are they here?
o How did they get here?
o How did they become undocumented – what does that mean?
o Why can’t they get legal status?
o What rights do they have?
o Are they entitled to any benefits?
o What is the solution?      Engage the attendees’ highest thinking on the matter

Why is immigration such a divisive issue?
o Does it need to be so divisive?
o Are their ways to temper it some?
o Will we ever agree as a nation on what makes sense for us a country?

**Comprehensive Immigration Reform
o Reasonable, rational, orderly, and realistic – what does this mean
o What are the Key Components?
o What are the solutions?

** If legislation has been introduced, then I would love the opportunity to talk about some basics as indicated above with the prerogative to discuss the pros and cons of any proposed legislation to give people a better idea of what it will mean to us and those who live in Fauquier County.

In her practice, Ms. Lipinski works with lawful permanent residents who want to become U.S. citizens; with individuals who want to petition for their fiancés, spouses, parents and children; with employers who cannot find sufficient authorized workers in the U.S. to meet their needs; and with undocumented immigrants for whom there may be some immigration relief, such as the youth who entered the U.S. when they were under 16 and who may now be eligible to file an application called “deferred action” which allows them to stay in the US, here for at least two years, with employment authorization with the possibility of getting a drivers’ license.

Prior to moving to Virginia, Ms. Lipinski was the CEO of Lipinski & Associates, PC in Colorado until her move to Washington, DC, where she accepted a position as the Associate Director of Advocacy on family and due process issues at the national office of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (“AILA”).  Ms. Lipinski gained national recognition for her work with H-2A agricultural and H-2B non-agricultural seasonal workers.  She has been a faculty member at numerous immigration conferences and authored many articles on immigration.

Visit Donusia’s website

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