SSC September Meeting

September 9, 2012

We will meet at the home of Jim and Lynn Chinnis, 29 Brookshire Drive, Warrenton.

Our meeting topic will be the Fauquier Free Clinic.

With over a million uninsured Virginians, Fauquier Free Clinic (FFC) works to provide free quality medical access to those in our community. Established in Warrenton in 1993, the Fauquier Free Clinic now serves over 1,500 local citizens annually in both Fauquier and Rappahannock Counties.

Rob Marino, employed fulltime as the director of the Fauquier Free Clinic, and Steven G. Cosby, MHSA Volunteer Board Member of FCC and President & CEO of Cosby Insurance Group, will present on the operations and future of our local FFC.

Rob has been the director of the Fauquier Free Clinic for twelve years, managing over 200 volunteers including physicians, dentists, nursing staff, and clerical workers. He has a Masters in Social Work from VCU and did his undergraduate studies at the University of Virginia.  Rob currently serves on the Board of the Fauquier County Mental Health Association and also serves on the Virginia Association of Free Clinics Funds Accreditation and Membership Committee. He has extensive experience in nonprofit management in both community and inpatient settings. Rob has worked in programs serving health care needs from trauma care, mental health treatment and job training, mental disability, pharmacy access, and child abuse and neglect. He is married to a local physician in private practice and has three children.

Steven has more than 27 years of experience in the employer health benefits industry and his Master’s degree from The George Washington University in health policy. He is a nationally published writer on health benefit topics. He has expertise in underwriting, pricing, and funding arrangements for individuals and businesses. He is a board member of the Warrenton Rotary Club. He serves as a volunteer member for the Board of Directors of the Fauquier Free Clinic and is the owner of Cosby Insurance Group specializing in employer-sponsored health plans. His wife Amy is the Assistant Editor at the National Endowment for the Humanities, they reside in Fauquier County with their three children and two Newfoundland dogs.

Steven and Rob will tell the story of the Fauquier Free Clinic:  review what services are available, how to get care, how to join as a volunteer, and what local health and dental problems are the most pressing. With the available network of volunteer doctors, nurses, dentists, and other health care professionals, the clinic has partnered successfully with our local hospital to help thousands of people over the years.

The Free Clinic is actively planning for changes as the insurance and primary health care markets are adjusting to the new health care reform. After a presentation on the clinic as it is currently organized,  Rob and Steven will lead a discussion and answer questions about the impact of the PPACA (commonly referred to as the health care reform law).

For more information visit Fauquier Free Clinic

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