SSC November Meeting

November 10, 2013

We will meet at the home of Whitney Petrelli,  7122 Baldwin Ridge Road, Warrenton

We are pleased to welcome Brian Roeder who will be speaking on the two topics described below.

Winery ordinance.  After almost a decade of community discussion and conflict and now that we are a year out from passage of the ordinance, what effects have there been upon the community and upon the vineyards and wineries?  Brian will bring some facts –and biases—to be discussed by all attending.  We all have our opinions on this issue, so be prepared for an animated and engaging conversation!  BTW, here are a couple of links that may be of interest in advance:


2.      Fauquier Citizens for Balanced Growth PAC.  This is a new citizens grassroots political organization seeking to recruit and fund candidates for local office as well as engage our community in an ongoing dialogue  about the future and how to make our community one of the best places to live and work in the nation.  According to Brian, this organization is “focused upon pursuing well thought-out and established best practices to manage future growth pressures facing our community.  We are for agriculture, tourism, business development and the tax revenue benefits derived from a thriving business sector, and we are for residential development located primarily in the service districts.  We support a professionally managed government structure where staff are empowered to consistently do their very best to represent our residents and business owners.  Finally, we support the pervasive and thoughtful preservation of our community’s natural and historic beauty.”  Brian will ask for your thoughts and views on this initiative and he will be prepared to answer questions.

For more information on the PAC click here or here

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